Cloud Design Patterns

Rightscale is a company that sells auto scaling software for multiple clouds, primarily Amazon Web Services.  They do not support Windows Azure as of yet. See below for an update on this.

However, on their web site they have a set of Cloud application templates that implement common cloud architectural patterns quite well.  Even though they are not designed for Windows Azure I think that you can see how they might be applicable to that platform as well.  UPDATE: As of June 7th, 2012 concurrent with the announcement of the new Windows Azure IaaS features Rightscale has announced that their Cloud Application Templates will be available for Windows Azure as well. Smile


In the white paper referenced above they give the excellent advice that you try and use the simplest pattern that will do the job and only use more complex patterns when absolutely necessary. (The KISS principle)  IMHO that is excellent advice. (See my blog tag line: Making Clouds as simple as possible, but no simpler.) Smile

The patterns they support are:

  • Single “All-in-one” Server
  • Single Cloud Site Architectures
    • Non-Redundant 3-Tier Architecture
    • Redundant 3-Tier Architecture
    • Multi-Datacenter Architecture
    • Autoscaling Architecture
    • Scalable Architecture with Membase (Relate to  Windows Azure Table Storage)
    • Scalable Multi-Tier Architecture with Memcached (Relate to  Windows Azure Cache)
    • Scalable Queue-based Setups
      • Number of Jobs
      • Time
      • Internal Hybrid Setup
      • Alert-based and Queue-based Scalable Setup
  • Hybrid Cloud Site Architectures
    • Scalable MultiCloud Architecture
    • Failover MultiCloud Architecture
    • MultiCloud Disaster Recovery Architecture
    • Cloud and Dedicated Hosting Architecture

I will leave it as an exercise for you to map them to Windows Azure and use them in your application designs. Smile


Bill Zack



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I am a Cloud Architect and Consultant. Over several years I have been working with companies to help them design and build .NET based applications for public and private clouds. My focus is the Cloud, Public Clouds and Microsoft's Windows Azure Cloud platform in particular.
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