So Long New York, Hello Nashville!

If you have been wondering why I haven’t posted in a while it is because I have recently relocated to Nashville Tennessee from the New York area for family reasons.  Doing that has consumed a lot of my time; finding a new job, packing and moving, getting established in the local community, etc.

Now to the reason for this post.  Cloudy In New York clearly does not work for me any more as a blog title now that I am here in Nashville.  So I am sealing off this blog and will be starting a new blog (Cloudy In Nashville of course, what else? Smile) I will continue to post there about “Clouds in General and Windows Azure in Particular” as the masthead says.

For those of you who know me you know that I am a big believer in technical communities having founded or acted as a leader of several user groups over the years, groups such as: the New York Windows Azure Users Group, the New York .NET Developers Group, the New York Enterprise Windows Users Group and the New York Chapter of the International Association of Software Architects.

Despite being pretty busy with the move I have found the time to start up a Nashville Windows Azure Users Group here.  (I told someone lately that I am indeed an “Azureholic” or “Cloud Addict”. Smile)  I will be focusing my time on that group and the new blog going forward.

It’s been great and you have been a great audience, but I really do love it here in Nashville.  You can continue to contact me via Email at,  me by phone at 203 545-2339 (mobile), visit me on LinkedIn and Follow @WilliamHZack on twitter. 

So long,and thanks for all the fish. Winking smile


About CloudyInNashville

I am a Cloud Architect and Consultant. Over several years I have been working with companies to help them design and build .NET based applications for public and private clouds. My focus is the Cloud, Public Clouds and Microsoft's Windows Azure Cloud platform in particular.
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